It has never been easier for your fleets to maximize the use of their Geotab telematics devices!

  • Let us automate driver coaching and compliance using our integration with Geotab.
  • It has never been easier to become and remain compliant with difficult and burdensome DOT regulations. Our expert staff ensures that your customer’s driver files meet DOT requirements and guide you through correcting any defects. DOT audits have never been easier.
  • We can customize the software for your fleets that don’t have any DOT compliance requirements allowing them to streamline burdensome processes.
  • Our integrated driver application, screening and hiring process simplifies the entire driver hiring experience for both the fleet and the driver. Your customer simply provides the application link to the driver from their website or in an email to the driver and then the driver can complete all the DOT and non DOT forms from his or her computer, tablet or smart phone, including the signed application and all necessary forms and releases. Your customers can quickly and easily review the completed application.
  • We manage all sized companies, from one, or a few drivers, to hundreds and thousands of drivers, and can provide a personalized solution to meet your customers’ specific needs. We are dedicated to keeping your customer’s compliant and keeping their drivers and trucks on the road, freeing them to grow their business and profits.
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